Unlimited Bills

For unlimited gas, electricity, water, a TV Licence and contents insurance you can expect to pay well over £20 per month each.

At Luxury Student Homes, this is included in the rent and there are no caps, fair usage clauses or tenant fuel allowances. So if you want your heating on all day, we guarantee it will not cost you any more than your agreed rent amount.

Virgin Media

The cheapest Virgin Media packages cost around £80 per month, rising to around £130 per month if you want their best wifi, Sky Cinema and Sports as well.

At Luxury Student Homes, we include the best Virgin Media package, plus wifi boosters to improve signal, at no extra cost to you. So you can host a movie night or get everyone round to watch the football without the hassle.

Cleaning Service

At the end of each year, our cleaning bills are up to £60 each on top of your rent. Paying a fortnightly cleaner would cost over £100 per month.

That’s why, at Luxury Student Homes, along with unlimited bills and the full Virgin Media package we include a fortnightly cleaner to cover all the communal areas. So your house stays clean without the extra cost or arguments.


Maintenance is something all landlords are responsible for. However, many will cut costs by waiting on cheaper contractors or by ignoring issues until they get worse, costing more in your time.

At Luxury Student Homes, we have our own maintenance team and set clear time frames for repairs which we meet and, in most cases, exceed so you can focus on your studies.