Best Places to Travel as a Student

Mark Barrow

Do you ever feel like you’re in the middle of endless lectures, drowning under mountains of textbooks, in a constant battle for a decent sleep in the library? Yeah, us too. But fear not, because amidst the academic chaos lies a magical escape – TRAVEL!

But hold on, whispers the voice of reason (aka your bank account). Can travel even be a reality for us budget-conscious scholars? Absolutely! Buckle up, because this blog will introduce you to the nine best places to travel as a student, these incredible destinations are perfect for the adventurous and thrifty UK student soul.

Whether you’re a history buff craving ancient ruins, a beach bum yearning for turquoise waters, or a party animal seeking vibrant nightlife, there’s an epic adventure waiting for you! So, dust off that backpack (or suitcase, no judgment here!), grab your student id card, and prepare to explore!

Student on the beach

1. Mallorca, Spain: Beach Bum Vibes

Textbooks traded for turquoise waters? Sounds like a dream, right? Mallorca, the jewel of the Balearic Islands, makes that dream a reality. Imagine sprawling beaches like Cala Mesquida, perfect for soaking up the sun and forgetting all about exams. Feeling adventurous? Kayak through hidden coves or hike along dramatic cliffs for breathtaking views. And let’s not forget the nightlife! Magaluf is a world-famous as a party destination (and maybe for the cheap drinks!).


2. San Sebastián, Spain: Foodie Paradise Edition ️

San Sebastián, a coastal gem in northern Spain, isn’t just famous for its stunning beaches and laid-back vibes. It’s also a pintxos paradise, where miniature masterpieces explode with flavour on every bite. Imagine strolling through the vibrant Parte Vieja (Old Town), hopping from bar to bar and sampling delectable pintxos like melt-in-your-mouth jamón ibérico on crusty bread, creamy tortilla de patatas bursting with flavour, or fresh seafood skewers drizzled with tangy sauces. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous and try something new – variety is the spice of life.

But San Sebastián isn’t just about pintxos. Foodies can indulge in classic Basque cuisine, or savour fresh seafood straight from the Bay of Biscay. Remember, student discounts are your weapon – many restaurants offer special deals for young travellers.


3. Albania: Off-the-beaten-path Adventure Awaits!

Tired of the usual tourist traps? Albania is Europe’s hidden gem, waiting to be discovered by adventurous students like you. Imagine crystal-clear beaches on the Albanian Riviera, perfect for sunbathing and snorkelling. Hike through dramatic mountains, explore ancient Ottoman ruins steeped in history, and experience the warm hospitality of locals who haven’t been jaded by mass tourism. Albania is budget-friendly and bursting with adventure, making it the perfect escape for the unconventional explorer.


Student in Berlin, stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate

4. Berlin, Germany: Budget-Friendly City Break

History, culture, and affordability? Berlin checks all the boxes and is easily one of best places to travel as a student in Europe! Immerse yourself in history at iconic landmarks like the Reichstag or get lost in the vibrant street art scene. Sample delicious local eats at affordable cafes and bars, explore diverse neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg, and dance the night away at legendary techno clubs (remember, responsible partying is key again!). Berlin is proof that exciting city breaks don’t have to break the bank.


Best places to travel as a student - Albania

5. Slovenia: Nature Lover’s Escape ️

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Slovenia is a playground for those who crave fresh air and stunning scenery. Hike through the majestic Triglav National Park, kayak on the emerald waters of Lake Bled, or explore fairytale caves like Postojna Jama. Budget-friendly guesthouses and hostels make this paradise accessible, just don’t forget to pack your swimsuit for refreshing dips in glacial lakes.


Student sat on a beach in Malta

6. Malta: Island Hopping Bliss

Picture yourself soaking up the Mediterranean sun on sandy beaches, exploring historic walled cities like Valletta, and diving into crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. Malta is an island archipelago perfect for hopping between gems like Gozo and Comino on affordable ferries. Relax on hidden coves, explore ancient temples, and soak up the laid-back island vibes. Budget tip: pack some snacks and drinks for the ferries to save some euros!


7. South East Asia: Dive into History & Culture

Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand beckon with ancient temples, vibrant traditions, and delectable cuisine, making it a top destination for culture-savvy students. From the charming streets of Hoi An to the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, every corner of these Southeast Asian gems overflow with unique experiences.

Discover Cambodia’s rich past at the iconic Angkor Wat complex, explore the ancient citadel of Hue, or wander through the Cu Chi Tunnels, a chilling reminder of the Vietnam War. Witness the graceful flow of Ao Dai-clad women, learn about the vibrant Buddhist traditions at peaceful pagodas, or take a cooking class to master the art of Pho.

Immerse yourself in Thailand’s rich history and spiritual charm. Explore the majestic Grand Palace in Bangkok, wander through the ruins of ancient temples like Ayutthaya, and learn about Buddhist traditions at peaceful wats.

History comes alive here and every interaction offers a glimpse into Asian culture, offering a window into different eras and shaping the region’s present identity.


8. Tokyo: Best for Art, Music and Design. Neon Lights, Pulsating Beats, and Artistic Delights

Calling all you music, art, and design enthusiasts out there! Are you ready to awaken your creative senses in Tokyo, the ultimate destination for imaginative souls? Brace yourselves for a sensory overload. This city will take you on a wild ride with its electrifying electronic music scenes, avant-garde art galleries, and cutting-edge design districts. Tokyo’s energy is contagious, and you won’t be able to resist its pull!

Get ready to dive into the pulsating and exhilarating world of Tokyo’s music scene. Shibuya clubs, underground gems in Shinjuku, or the unique J-Pop culture will leave you mesmerized. Whether you’re a techno fanatic or a jazz aficionado, Tokyo has a beat for you.

Art lovers, get ready to have your mind blown by Tokyo’s diverse art scene. Explore the iconic Mori Building Digital Art Museum and its ever-changing exhibitions, wander through the quirky galleries of Nakano, or be inspired by street art in vibrant neighborhoods like Harajuku.

Tokyo is a city that demands all your senses. Embrace the neon lights, the electrifying music, and the artistic explosion – you’ll leave with memories that will inspire you for years to come. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!


Student working as a Fruit picker

9. Australia: Work, Travel, Repeat! Best Working Holiday Destination

Feeling the wanderlust itch and the need to protect your bank account? Then look no further than Australia, the ultimate working holiday destination for adventurous (and resourceful) students looking for a gap year destination. With stunning beaches, vibrant cities, and diverse landscapes, Australia offers unparalleled travel experiences while allowing you to earn some cash along the way.

Work & Earn: With a Working Holiday Visa, you can legally work in Australia for up to 24 months. Popular jobs include fruit picking, farm work, hospitality, bartender, or Barista and retail. Flexibility is key – be open to trying new things and exploring different locations for work opportunities.

The best thing about working in Australia is the opportunity to visit cities and areas that you just wouldn’t reach on a normal two week holiday. Wherever you travel to in Oz, you’ll easily be able to pick up casual work.


Tips for Student Travel

Remember, student travel is all about maximising experiences while minimising costs:

  • Accommodation: Hostels are your best friend! Look for ones with good reviews and social vibes, or team up with other students to rent apartments for longer stays.
  • Food: Street food is your wallet’s saviour! Sample local delicacies, cook in hostels or apartments, and pack snacks for day trips.
  • Transportation: Trains, buses, and ferries are often affordable options. Consider travel passes or student discounts for even better deals.
  • Activities: Free walking tours, museum discounts, and exploring local neighbourhoods are budget-friendly ways to immerse yourself in the culture.
  • Bonus Tip: Embrace spontaneity! Talk to locals, join free events, and be open to unexpected adventures. Some of the best travel memories are made outside the guidebook.


These are our best places to travel as a student, but there are so many more adventures waiting for you. So, ditch the textbooks, pack your bags, and embark on an unforgettable journey! Remember, the world is your oyster, even on a student budget. With a little planning, research, and resourcefulness, you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Now, get out there and explore!

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