Why choose Luxury Student Homes over university accommodation

Opting for the student accommodation provided by your university seems like the obvious choice when living on campus. However, the most obvious choice may not be the most beneficial one as there are many other choices for student housing which may suit your needs.

Luxury Student Homes is definitely worth having a look at, but don’t be put off by the word ‘luxury’ as that doesn’t necessarily mean un-affordable.
For one, the rent is all inclusive meaning there won’t be any extra charges for utilities. This is also available at campus residences, except the rooms at luxury accommodation are furnished to a high quality standard.

Residents are provided with Sky TV packages which include movies and sports; compare that to campus accommodation’s offerings of Freeview TV. A dishwasher, tumble dryer and BluRay DVD player are also among some of the facilities provided to occupants at luxury student accommodation.
There is a dedicated maintenance team at the luxury accommodation, meaning cleaning your room is one less thing you have to do. That will give you more time to focus on essays. Or weekend drinking.

You also won’t be missing out by choosing a location which isn’t situated on campus; great transport links to the city centre make it easy to stay local to Liverpool’s nightlife and student nights out without having to constantly be in view of your university.
With residencies offering spaces with as few as three rooms, students who prefer a quieter and more intimate setting are able to find an accommodation which may suit their needs more than a typical campus dorm.

So, before you go for the standard option of living on campus, why not have a look at luxury housing and see what’s available to you? click here to view what student homes we still have available

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