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10 things that bond you forever with your first-year housemates

Whether you’re in halls or a house, nobody really knows what to expect when they first move into their uni digs. What will your housemates be like? What if you have literally nothing in common with them?

Many people are still friends with their uni housemates years later, if not best friends. In fact, our founders, Lee and Neil first met at university.

We’ve pulled together a list of things that bond you forever with your housemates, sponsored by some of the greatest friendships that movies and TV have to offer. And yes, Friends appears twice. Don’t at us.

That first moment of bravery

You’re not sure of each other. Maybe on paper you don’t have much in common at all. Trust us, and The OC’s Seth Cohen, sometimes all it takes is an open door or a casual invitation to spark the greatest of friendships.

When you make them food

It may be something that you’re going to do regularly or a one-off to celebrate moving in, but cooking for your housemates can be a way to create some great memories. Whether it’s a roaring success that has you cooking your speciality every month for all your housies or a pasta-not-actually-boiled disaster, it’s sure to spread smiles.

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Musical adventures

Almost everyone likes music, making it a great way to connect with people. Why not join in a little acapella kitchen singing or trade artist recommendations? Make fast friendships off the back of a beat.

Movies and TV

Similarly to music, there’s nothing better than someone dropping a movie quote and having a housemate recognize it instantly. “You love that movie?” “I love that movie!” From talking about old TV shows to binge-watching the latest season of Stranger Things together on Netflix, nothing beats sharing your favourites. Bonus points if you know this cheer word. for. word.

The games you’ll invent at 2am

Sleep deprivation. Essay pressure. Casual drinking. You’ll be amazed at the creativity that abounds when you’re looking for distractions and entertainment. Just remember: safety first.

Bonding over the bizarreness of your neighbours

There’s always that one flat with the Halloween mask still stuck above the door in May or where the techno stops at 6:45am and starts again at 2pm. Hug your housemates, applaud their relative normality and count your lucky stars that you didn’t end up living in that share.

Drinking pacts

It might be a friendly freshers week buddy system or something more cynical such as a you-drink-I-drink policy, but fulfilling the promises made during pre-drinks is a great way to form firm friendships. Clink clink!

When you finally coax the quiet housemate out of their shell

You’ve made a special effort with the quiet housemate who’s been hiding from the louder members of the group, and you’ve managed to get them into the lounge. You keep them there, bond a little (see all other points) and hurray, they never disappear again! Remember when Alex used to live in her bedroom? Us neither.

The hangovers

Bonding may begin on nights out, but nothing strengthens a friendship like the shared pain of a hangover and swapping stories from the night before. Who’s got UberEats on their phone? Who can reach the TV remote? Who remembers Charlie’s incredible Cha Cha Slide from last night?

Library lockdowns

Your first set of essays. Everybody’s procrastinating or stressing. You decide to tackle it together: pack up your laptops and head to the library. It’s 4am before you emerge. This becomes something of a pattern at the end of each term.

What about second year?

Deciding who you want to live with in second year can be tricky. Of course, not all housies are forever housies, and you may meet coursemates or sports teammates with whom you have even more shared interests and deadlines. However your household is set to change from first year to second, we can accommodate your group. We offer luxury student accommodation across Liverpool from 3 bedrooms right up to 11.

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