5 student horror stories to creep you out this Halloween

We’ve all heard ‘horror stories’ about student living – no doubt somewhat exaggerated – but what if they were true? Keep reading if you dare…

Rodent rage

While student housing is no stranger to infestation, some unlucky students were ambushed by a particularly angry squirrel. Yes, you heard correctly. Not the usual rat or slug you’d expect, but a bushy-tailed little squirrel! The furry invader made his way into their halls of residence, and somehow managed to cut himself in the process. The result of which was a trail of blood and yep, you guessed it, squirrel poo. What was even more unlucky for the students was the cleaners’ rota – they didn’t work on weekends, and therefore the carnage was left to the students to clean up. We just hope the squirrel is okay!


One student found that her and her housemate had a new lodger… and he wasn’t exactly friendly. Her housemate repeatedly spotted a strange man in her bedroom, as well as odd things on the stairs. One night, the girl decided to stay in her friend’s room as she’d had a nightmare. Just as they were falling asleep, the TV started blaring – from the empty room! When the girls went to investigate, they found the TV face down on the floor. Later, the TV came back on, at full volume – back on its stand.

Cheesed off

Let’s be honest – students aren’t exactly known for their high standards of cleanliness. One student, however, took things to a whole new level. As told by her housemate, this girl would leave muddy bikes around the house and give back borrowed clothes with holes in them. Not disgusting enough? She would also leave plates of cheese on the floor for days, despite an ongoing mice infestation. The culprit even had the nerve to complain about another housemate’s hygiene, claiming their actions had led to maggots covering the kitchen floor! We think that may have been down to the mouldy cheese…

Disappearing act

At university, you expect the odd bit of food to go missing, or for someone to use your milk without asking. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is our next culprit, who took things (literally) too far. From video games, DVDs and alcohol to books and clothes, this thief was stealing a lot more than the contents of the fridge! Luckily, one of his sneaky housemates got into his room when he wasn’t in, and surprise, surprise – found everything that had gone missing under his bed.

Morning menace

Our next victim recalls waking up at 5am to see her housemate sat on her bed, wearing a school uniform. When she asked her housemate if she could borrow a spare uniform (we’re not sure why), her housemate nodded and opened her wardrobe to show her. She then smiled, waved and turned to leave. After falling back to sleep for a short while, our victim awoke to find her housemate sleeping soundly in her bed. Which begs the question; who was the girl in the school uniform?

Are you suitably creeped out? Fear not, because while we can’t guarantee your housemates won’t help themselves to your milk, we do guarantee safe, luxury living in our accommodation. Our houses are private properties as opposed to halls, which means you can decide who moves in with you. You won’t be lumped in with strangers, and what’s more, our fortnightly cleaning service and in-house maintenance team mean your home will be kept clean and tidy.