All bills included with all of our student homes

As a new student moving to university, the responsibility that comes with running a household can be daunting. Having to provide for yourself, keep your surroundings clean and pay the bills on time can be overwhelming for anybody – especially for those who have never lived alone before.

The cost of living alone usually includes the responsibility of paying council tax, electricity, gas, water and rent – but with of those rolled into one, it is easily taken care of for you.

At Luxury Student Homes, paying rent and amenities in one simple payment reduces the stresses and organisation that comes with making sure multiple bills are paid on time. Having everything calculated into one lump sum means the money is taken out of your account in one simple payment on one day.

We also takes away the long-term contract commitments that come with choosing individual utilities providers. At Luxury Student Accommodation, paying for a particular bill ends when your lease does.

For a student who might be getting to grips with the new academic year, this will allow for much more time to be spent on going to lectures, studying and socialising. It will also be a gentle introduction into the practice of paying bills – if you haven’t done so before – without being too complicated.

This simple yet efficient means of payment offered by Luxury Student Homes takes a weight off your mind when deciding where to stay; and that is a massive benefit which is worth considering.

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