Benefits of luxury vs. standard student accommodation

Do you know the key differences between the luxury and standard options available for your choice of student accommodation? While standard housing can provide a cheap, no frills experience, luxury accommodation takes your student life to a whole new level at an affordable cost. Benefits include all inclusive bills, access to a dedicated maintenance team and exclusive premium offers, to name but a few.

Check out the top benefits of luxury student accommodation that you won’t find with standard accommodation.

High quality furnishings

Our first key highlight concerns the furnishings within your accommodation. At a basic level, standard housing may not include all the furniture that you need. This means you might have to fork out extra for necessary furniture such as bedding, cupboards and seating arrangements. With luxury accommodation, however, your new home will be fully furnished from the day you move in at no extra cost. No need to worry about spending more money or dealing with the hassle of moving in furniture. You will have access to equipment such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, large flatscreen TV, bluray DVD player and small appliances like a kettle, toaster, iron and microwave. Furniture will be of the highest standard available so as to live up to its luxury name.

All inclusive bills

When moving away from your parents for the first time you don’t want to be welcomed with unexpected bills that you didn’t think would be necessary. You know that the right to live in the property will be included with your rent, but what else? Standard accommodation will only include basic features with other services available at an added cost. At Luxury Student Homes we’re proud to be able to offer all inclusive rent with no hidden costs attached. This includes superfast 60mb broadband and a full Virgin Media package featuring premium television such as Sky Sports, BT Sport, Sky Movies and more.

Quick callouts and a dedicated maintenance team

If you pay for luxury student accommodation then your satisfaction will be at the front of the landlord’s mind. With a dedicated maintenance team, which all our Luxury Student Homes properties provide, you won’t have to worry about a lack of support when you need it. If an issue at your accommodation arises, such as plumbing or electricity issues, someone will be on hand to fix the problem as quickly as possibly.

Access to premium benefits

It’s frequent that luxury accommodation providers will team up with local partners to be able to offer tenants exclusive deals as part of their property agreement. At Luxury Student Homes we are able to offer a membership card which grants our tenants access to fantastic discounts throughout Liverpool. You could get as much as 25% off a meal at a restaurant or a free drink to go with your food.

As we have detailed above, there are plenty of benefits for choosing a luxury student accommodation over a standard property. Should you wish to know more, feel free to contact us. Keep up to date with everything Luxury Student Homes on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.