Best student nights out in Liverpool

Liverpool is known for its incredible nightlife and the same goes for the large student scene across the city. So here are some of the best student Nightclubs and nights out in Liverpool!

Bongo’s Bingo:

This is no ordinary bingo night, as Bongo’s Bingo brings a club atmosphere and some hilarious prizes for a bingo night like no other.

If you are interested in going to a Bongo’s Bingo night, make sure you plan in advance and get your tickets early as they sell out fast! (usually within an hour of going on sale) There are also special student’s only Bongo’s Bingo nights available so watch out for when those go on sale too!


One of the most popular nightclubs in Liverpool, this 3 storey club near concert square offers different music across each floor. Level is massively popular with the student community in Liverpool especially on Wednesday nights which features ‘Love Wednesdays’ and the notorious ‘level Saturdays’.


For sports fans, there is no better place to watch the big game than the Bierkeller Complex. (Liverpol 1, underneath Chavasse Park) Divided into 3 rooms, across the enormous complex, there is something for everyone at the Bierkeller.

The first room on the ground floor features Around The World, with a wide selection of beers from across the globe and a list of tempting cocktails to kickstart your night out. Upstairs is Shooters Bar, the sports room with dozens of large TVs and the ideal place to watch all of your favourite sports. The Bierkeller room, is a German themed bar with long wooden tables that offer a taste of the traditional Bavarian

The Krazy House:

The Krazy House is located on Wood Street and is one of the biggest alternative music venues in the north west. Each floor here specialises in a different genre of music, so there is something for everyone! Entry fee depends on what night of the week you go, however drinks are usually very reasonably priced and with an atmosphere like this, you surely won’t want to leave early!

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