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Five interesting student societies in Liverpool

Joining a student society presents you with a wonderful opportunity to branch out from your usual studies. It is a chance to take a break from studying and meet a new group of like-minded people. Student societies are an optional activity but can help bolster your CV, improve networking choices, enhance knowledge and provide all round entertainment. Societies cover just about any type of topic. It could involve joining a football team, having complex and political debates, or just geeking out over a topic you love just as much as everyone else in the society.

We have rounded up some of the five most interesting student societies you can join in Liverpool.

1. Ellipsis

Ellipsis is without a doubt one of the best choices for budding journalists and creative writers. This society allows members to contribute to the University of Liverpool’s arts and culture magazine. Students of the society come together to provide articles on a wide range of cultural topics. Stories may include reviews of the latest events and shows taking place in the city, as well as editorial pieces on what the writer is currently enjoying.

2. Anime Society

Anime is a very popular form of entertainment for young people of today. These Japanese animations are certainly unique in their style and there’s several stories that have gained a huge following. What better way to share your love of this genre than with other Anime lovers? With the Liverpool John Moores Student Union, the LJMU Anime Society meets regularly where members can share their passion with one another. This society often features activities such as cinema trips, conventions, quiz nights and group meals.

3. eSports Society

eSports was perhaps unheard of over a decade ago, but now this form of competitive gaming has now risen so much that viewing figures and prize pools are through the roof. Students of any experience and knowledge can join the eSports Society. Members can compete on games such as League of Legends, Hearthstone and CS:GO. Not only does the society meet nearly daily through online gaming and the Discord communications channel, but they also have regular fun events in person.

4. Harry Potter Appreciation Society

Yes there’s even a society for Harry Potter fans! The Liverpool Guild of Students’ Harry Potter Appreciation Society is the place to be for any fan of the famous wizard. Members will have the opportunity to attend regular sessions where they can enjoy a movie night, quizzes and pub crawls. For a bonus society, you can even join the Liverpool Quidditch Club. Who hasn’t wanted to have a go of Quidditch?

5. Dance Music & DJ Society

Last but certainly not least, we have the Dance Music & DJ Society for Liverpool John Moores University students. This society is an excellent pick for students who have an interested in electronic music and DJ’ing but would like to know more about the technical elements. Members will be able to practice their skills on professional industry standard equipment, receive exclusive discounts, and have the chance to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

Do you run a student society or are considering running one? We recommend designing custom-made name badges to make you and your society members stand out from the rest. Good luck with your student society ambitions!