Galantine's Day in Liverpool

5 Reasons why Galentines Day is better in Liverpool

Natalie Horrobin

Every year Valentine’s Day comes up like clockwork, and if you’re single, it can look like hell. Different shades of red and pink sprawled out in the shops in forms of flowers, cards and presents you’re likely not to get.

And whilst it’s obvious to say we don’t actually need any of these things, it’s still nice to feel different kinds of love. As a student, you make friends for life at university in Liverpool, and Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your friendships.

Liverpool is one of the best cities in the country to celebrate, and coming from a 3rd-year student, here are my top 5 recommendations:


1.) Bottomless Brunch at Turtle Bay

Whilst bottomless brunches became popular after lockdown ended, I still think they’re so fun to experience. If you haven’t done one before, the unlimited drinks alongside a tasty food dish is the perfect mix to start Valentine’s Day off right. With a widely varied menu of different cocktails to try, there will be one that suits each one of your friends’ tastes and new flavours all at once.


2.) Take a stroll round Albert Docks

One of the most famous sites in Liverpool, a walk round the Albert Docks may seem romantic at first. But seeing how pretty the lights are and how the water shines at night, it is so worth going with your friends. The docks are extra special at night, and with loads of different museums and restaurants spotted around, you can make your stroll even more special by choosing which interest suits you the most.


3.) Go for a shopping spree at Liverpool One

Being single reaps many benefits, and just one of them is having more money to spend on yourself. Without the stereotypical implications, a shopping trip with your friends is sometimes just what you need to cheer yourself up. With so many different shops and brands lined up in Liverpool One, it simply makes sense to head down there on Valentine’s Day and make use of all the offers that capitalist holidays bring.


4.) Listen to local artists at the renowned Cavern Club

Liverpool is a city full of musical culture. From Jamie Webster to The Beatles, there are always up and coming artists performing in the city, and the Cavern Club is the best venue to see them in. The cool indie environment is one venue you must visit whilst you’re in Liverpool, and singing along to songs with your friends is one perfect way to do it.


5.) Challenge your friends to some games at Arcains

Located in Cains Brewery Village, Arcains is Liverpool’s biggest arcade. If you have a competitive side, this is the perfect place to put the love aside for a minute and test your friends. With games like Guitar Hero, Dancing Stage and Mario Kart, it’s easy to find at least one game that you know you’ll be the best at.