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Halloween Playlist 2020: Top tunes to get you in the spooky mood

Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by? We’re already in October which means one thing… it’s the month for spooks! Halloween is later this month and it’s never too early to get yourself in the right mood. Halloween always delivers on the thrill of horror films, the energy of funky tunes, and the exciting occasion of fancy dress. Chilling music is always a great way to psych yourself up ahead of a night out, and if you’re hosting a themed party with your support bubble, it’s worthwhile taking the time to put together the perfect playlist.

Whether you’re planning a Halloween-themed party (socially distanced, of course!) or just looking to get yourself in the spooky spirit, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our list of the top tunes to listen to this Halloween.

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Of course, we have to start with this classic tune from the King of Pop! Michael Jackson’s Thriller has arguably become the anthem of Halloween. This catchy track manages to combine the sounds of funk and post-disco, creating a song that is now a cultural phenomenon. The music video itself has even become an important figure in Halloween history. Considered by many to be the greatest music video of all time, it features Jackson and a horde of the undead performing the iconic zombie dance routine.

Monster – Lady Gaga

What better song to commemorate Halloween than one called Monster? Lady Gaga is known for her quirky personality and eccentric outfits, and this modern song certainly does the theme of the occasion justice. With lyrics like ‘he ate my heart’, you can interpret it however you wish…

Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) – Fall Out Boy ft. Missy Elliott

In 2016, American rock band Fall Out Boy teamed up with hip hop star Missy Elliott to provide their take on the famous Ghostbusters theme tune. Their I’m Not Afraid version certainly offers something a little different to the original and was featured in the recent reboot of the film. Is it really Halloween if you’re not raving to this classic while pretending to blast away some ghosts?!

Beyonce – Haunted

Beyonce is the queen of pop so we’re truly blessed to be able to listen to her incredible voice on a song that can be associated with Halloween. This eerily yet beautiful song is split into two parts. The first is called “Ghost” and tells the story of why Beyonce created her self-titled album, while the second part, titled “Haunted”, refers to her past chasing her around. The music video is mesmerising as much as it is creepy.

This Is Halloween – Panic! At The Disco

You’ve all surely seen Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, right? This entertaining stop-motion adventure is nothing without a wonderful soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman. The film’s lively key number truly brings the characters to life and there have been several remakes, including a fascinating rendition from American pop-rock band Panic! At The Disco.

Spooky – Dusty Springfield

It’s time to go back to the classic era with a Halloween-favourite song by English pop singer Dusty Springfield. With a name like Spooky, you can’t go wrong with this song to provide a sound that is a little slower and more soothing than the other tracks.

Black Magic – Little Mix

Little Mix is one of the largest girl groups for the current generation of pop music lovers so we reckon this choice will get a positive reaction of approval from your party guests. Black Magic takes some inspiration from the crazy world of magic and witches to craft a song that tells the story of how self-confidence can help you get whatever you want.

I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Speaking of witches and wizardry, are you ready to have a spell put on you? Released all the way back in the 1950s, Screamin’ Jaw Hawkins’ I Put a Spell on You continues to be one of the first songs you come up with when thinking of Halloween. What was originally meant to be a love song, ultimately transformed into something quite unusual. The song has been adapted several times, including a stunning performance from Bette Midler in the unmissable Halloween classic film that is Hocus Pocus.

Zombie – The Cranberries

What is Halloween without some Zombie action? The meaning behind the iconic Zombie song from The Cranberries is far more serious than you would initially believe, but the song itself has developed into a holiday favourite due to its relation to the classic horror folklore of zombies. If any of your guests have come dressed up as the undead, make sure that they take centre stage on the dancefloor for this song!

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – David Bowie

David Bowie was one of the most influential musicians of his time so of course he had to leave a mark on the Halloween season. Bowie’s 1980 album Scary Monsters (and Super Screeps) includes a song of the same name. This post-punk tune tells the story of a shy woman who leaves her obsessive boyfriend only to descend into madness and she begins seeing strangers as ‘scary monsters’.

Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Show

‘Let’s do the Time Warp again!’ These famous lyrics can be heard in Time Warp, a much-loved song from the rock musical The Rocky Horror Show. The musical is a humorous production that tells the story of a mad transvestite scient who has created a Frankenstein-style monster. The song is perfect for parties and will get everyone up singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Disturbia – Rihanna

R&B superstar is certainly very diverse in what she can produce and Disturbia is an excellent prime example of her talents. This electro-pop song is typically believed to be around mental anguish, anxiety and confusion. Let’s be honest, any song from Rihanna is always going to be a safe option to get yourself and your guests in the party mood.

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

What better way to conclude your Halloween playlist than with the rock giants that are AC/DC. The Highway to Hell track is pretty much a success with anyone, no matter their age or music tastes. As soon as they hear that iconic rift at the start of the song, people will be flocking to the dancefloor. And who can resist screaming at the top of their lungs once the ‘highway to hell’ lyrics ring out?!

Listen to our Halloween playlist

Now that you know what songs make for the perfect Halloween playlist, it’s time to put it to the test! To help make things a little easier for you, we’ve created a Spotify playlist filled with these top tunes. Simply turn up the volume, hit play and you’ll be in the Halloween spirit in no time. Don’t worry, if your friends compliment your playlist making skills, we’re more than happy for you to take credit!