How to avoid freshers’ flu

Not too unlike the common cold, “Freshers’ Flu” is something you certainly don’t want to catch during your first few weeks at uni. With so many people to meet, studies to organise and places to find, it’s one of the last things you need but … it happens. That said, there are ways to reduce your risk of catching it so don’t panic!

Firstly, you need to know what you’re looking out for. Symptoms of Fresher’s Flu including shivering, fever, a nasty dry cough, sneezing, headaches and general grogginess.

It perhaps doesn’t help that you’ll have been busy meeting new people who’ve traveled from all over the world – whether that’s been in the lecture hall, your student accommodation or just in the nightclubs. We all know that germs travel quickly (and without compassion!) so it’s always a good idea to keep washing your hands and carry some antibacterial hand gel for added measure.

Of course, being away from home – perhaps for the first time – means that you’re also having to look after yourself. And by that we mean eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated. So – fast food, clubbing until the early hours and drinking alcohol certainly isn’t going to help, no matter how tempting they might seem!

So, whilst it may feel quite liberating to get away from the parents, just remember that you’re also at Uni to work and that early morning lectures won’t bode too well on disturbed sleep or a hangover! Although. you might be gunning to make yourself known and make new friends it’s always advisable to have a few “sensible” and early nights to stop yourself from getting run down. Whether you feel homesick or not just remember that starting Uni is still a stressful time so you need to stay ahead of the game and keep that Fresher’s Flu where it belongs … with someone else!

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