Manage your rent online with our simple portal

When it comes to paying off rent, no one wants an unnecessary amount of burden. At Luxury Student Homes we have implemented a new system allowing you to mange your rent online.

Here are some of the ways we are helping to make managing your rent much simpler…

Rent management made easy

With this new system we are making it much easier for you to manage your rent during your stay at one of our luxury houses. Previously you were limited to contacting us directly either via email, phone or in person in order to find out how much you owe and to arrange your payment. Through the new online portal you are now able to create your own dedicated account where you can see how much you have paid, any amounts that are overdue and upcoming payment dates.

When you wish to pay your deposit or rent, you are taken to a secured page to enter your billing details. By paying directly through your bank account, you remove the hassle of delayed payments caused by other methods such as cheques. Through this system the payment process becomes quicker and you are able to keep track of the amounts that have already been paid off.

How to register your online account

It takes just seconds to register yourself with our rent management system. To get you on your way to a simpler process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the online portal here to log in with an existing account or register a new one – this can also be accessed in the top right section of our website
  2. To register a new account, you will need to provide some basic contact details, your student house and your first year at the house
  3. Pay your deposit or rent through a secured payment system
  4. Check back regularly to see how much you owe and upcoming due dates

Have any questions about managing your rent online? Feel free to get in touch.

Log in to portal now

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