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The top 10 best online jobs for students

Mark Barrow

Looking for a student job but don’t want to commit to a long commute or standing on your feet all day? Great news, there are lots of lucrative jobs out there that you can do from the comfort of your own student home. We’ve put the below list of best online jobs for students together to provide some inspiration, simply link your skills and experience to the role to choose which one is right for you.

1.      Freelance writing

If your passion is writing, then why not use it to earn some extra cash? Working as a freelance writer can give you much needed work experience that offers decent rates of pay and can be done around your uni schedule. You could produce blogs, guest posts, marketing material or even advertisements. You will usually either be paid per project or per word.

Check out this guide to becoming a freelance writer from Elna Cain for more info.

2.      Online tutoring jobs for students

A great way to use what you’ve already learned at school and college is to become an online tutor. If you have already mastered a subject, you can help other students at GCSE or A Level get to grips with using your laptop or a smartphone. Online tutoring is highly flexible, meaning you can work where and when suits you and, depending on your experience, set your hourly rate. You will also build on your interpersonal and leadership skills, useful in your future professional career.

Popular online tutoring websites include:

3.       Affiliate marketing

If you’re looking for a side hustle where you can earn passive income while at uni then affiliate marketing is a great option. Here you act as the middleman between brands and potential customers and earn commission on any sales made. You can choose to become an influencer on social media or start a website or blog. Once you have a large and engaged following you can sign up to affiliate programmes with relevant brands and begin to promote their products.

Affiliate Market Training is a great resource to find out how to get started in affiliate marketing.

4.      Graphic Designer

Are you studying graphic design or already have an eye for excellent design? Providing graphic design services while still a student can provide a fantastic preparation for when you eventually start in the design industry. If you’re experienced in Adobe Creative Studio – Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator then your skills will most definitely be in demand.

You’ll need to get yourself noticed so create a website to showcase your work and promote it on social media. Speak to local businesses and ask them to take a look at your work, once they do have a project, they’re much more likely to remember you if you’ve introduced yourself in person and demonstrated your passion for design and their business. You could offer to create something for free, just to get yourself going, it will also boost your portfolio and enable you to demonstrate your skills.

5.        Participating in Online Surveys

You can make money simply by helping brands to improve their products or deliver better services. You won’t get paid a lot for each survey, and you’ll be paid in either cash or gift vouchers but put the time in and it can prove worthwhile. What makes this one of the best online jobs for students is that you can do this type of job from the comfort of your settee, on the bus on your way to uni, or even in bed.

There are lots of survey sites that you can sign up with:

6.      Online researcher

Finding information relevant to their industries can prove a challenge for lots of companies. Relevant technical and scientific data can be especially difficult and time consuming to track down. Content writers don’t always have the time to dedicate to search every peer reviewed study that they find on the internet. This is where online researchers step in. People who are adept at sifting through and scrutinising online research papers to bring together information needed then presenting it back to the client.

Flexjobs is a great website that lists remote working opportunities worldwide including online researchers.

7.      Data entry

Data entry jobs involve completing simple online tasks that can generally be done anytime and from anywhere making this one of the best online jobs for students. These roles will be classed as contractors, rather than salaried employees. Tasks can range from simple data entry and micro tasks, where no experience is necessary but are potential earnings are lower, to audio file transcription and translation services which will require more advanced skills and be higher paid.

These sites all offer genuine data entry jobs to students:

8.      Social Media Manager

Do you spend lots of time on social media? Are you up to date on all the trends? Then becoming a Social Media Manager could be for you. Social media can be both daunting and time-consuming to some small business owners, especially for people that aren’t the same age as their target student audience, making this one of the best online jobs for students. There are probably lots of businesses within your immediate area that don’t fully utilise social media and would love to have a social-media-native student take over for them.

Spend a few hours creating content then you can take advantage of social media scheduling tools such as Buffer to plan when they are posted in advance, allowing you to get on with your uni work.

Businesses will generally advertise Student Social Media Manager roles on Facebook (groups and Marketplace) or LinkedIn. Also, check out the jobs page on your local Chamber of Commerce.

9.      Freelancer at Fiverr

Are you a designer, developer, writer, musician, video editor, animator, or digital creator? Joining Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace dedicated to linking businesses with digital experts will let you offer your services and make money from your imagination and passion for creativity.

10.     Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who supports businesses with numerous admin tasks, including data entry, coordinating meetings, planning travel arrangements etc plus anything that the clients require. This type of work can be done from home, and you can work for multiple clients at the same time if you wish.

Flexjobs is a great website that lists remote working opportunities worldwide and is a great resource for people looking for the best online jobs for students.