Student accommodation horror stories #2

We’ve all heard them, the whispers, the tales of student hovels, damp, dark pits where anyone post-grad fears to tread. The house with a slug infestation and mushrooms growing up the walls and where the dishes didn’t get washed for a whole year. Or how about the attic room with advertised ‘sky light’ that turned out to be a hole in the roof! Whilst we work hard to make sure that our properties are nothing like the scary homes traditionally associated with student life we just can’t resist a good accommodation horror story. We have brought together some of our favourites below for you to enjoy!

Squirrel attack

Infestation is nothing new when it comes to student housing, everyone’s heard of the slugs, the mice or even the odd rat. But we really feel for these students whose unwanted intruder was a really angry squirrel! This furry invader made his way into halls managing to cut himself in the process, leaving particularly unpleasant trail of blood and, well, squirrel poo in his wake. Unluckily for these poor residents the cleaners didn’t work weekends and they had to clean up the resulting carnage themselves!

Miserable in Macedonia

If you think our home grown accommodation can be bad, spare a thought for the poor students living in the Goce Dolce halls in Macedonia. Included in the rent are crumbling walls, leaking pipes, pretty impressive levels of mold and only intermittent electricity. I guess it could strengthen your immune system but otherwise it looks worse than anything we have come across before!

In a Flap

Continuing the wildlife theme, spare a thought for these residents who ended up sharing their bathroom with a nesting bird! Despite the best efforts of hall staff the persistent bird returned to build its nest again and again. We are not sure we fancy being eyeballed by a nest of chicks whilst we tried to take a shower!

We’ve only scratched the surface of horror stories here but remember that student living doesn’t have to be like this! Here at Luxury Student Homes we offer comfortable, trendy accommodation with a high spec finish and inclusive utilities. Don’t end up in your own horror story and check out our available property today!

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