5 tips for viewing student accommodation

So you’re attending university in Liverpool, congratulations! The next stage is choosing your student accommodation. This is a big decision as you will be living there for at least the next school year and there are many different options available to you regardless of your budget. Choosing the right place out of thousands of student properties can be difficult so here are some of the top 5 things to look out for when viewing student properties in Liverpool.

Top 5 tips for viewing student accommodation in Liverpool.

1: What is the area like?
It is important to do your research when it comes to location. Think about how far the property is from your uni, what supermarkets, launderettes, clubs and other stores/ services you have nearby.

2: How much space do you have?
Many student accommodations in Liverpool only offer a single room, so if this is the case make sure you will have sufficient room for all of your stuff!

3: Talk to the neighbours
If you are unsure about your accommodation, talk to some tenants that currently live there. It always helps to get to know the neighbours early and they can give you an idea on what is like to really live there!

4: How far is it from your uni?
This is something you should always keeping in mind when looking for your student accommodation as you will be making the commute to uni several times per week. If you are in the city centre, chances are you will only have a short walk to your university however if you are in the suburbs, make sure you look at what bus/ train routes you could take.

5:  Security & safety
Many students often overlook how secure your student accommodation is. Thieves know that wherever students live, there will often be thousands of pounds worth of laptops, mobiles and other gadgets lying around. Some Liverpool student accommodations will use a fob system with a magnetic lock, just ensure you keep any windows/ doors locked if you are living a student house!

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