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Should I Consider Studying a Master’s Degree?

By Natalie Horrobin

It’s coming to that time of year when university students are encouraged to think about their plans for the future, especially third years. Some students are already doing an integrated Master’s degree, some have a job lined up for them after university, and some of us have no idea at all. In my first year, it was safe to say I was the latter. But I have decided to choose a Master’s for all the right reasons and not a ‘panic Master’s as some like to call it.

Throughout my degree, I have loved to learn different topics of my subject in depth; I love to gain new knowledge and broaden my intellectual horizons. One of the reasons why I think people should consider a Master’s is if they still find joy out of studying; and no, no one likes having to write assignments. But to go to a lecture and come out feeling that you have learned something new that will stick with you, is a feeling I want to carry on for another year.

However, you don’t have to stick with the same subject. It’s safe to say that which Master’s you choose has to be even more specific than your Undergraduate. It will help your career choice massively, so I’d recommend a course in the field you wish to pursue when you want to start off your early career. For example, for my Undergrad degree, I studied English, and particularly loved my language modules. Then in my second year, I decided the career I wanted to follow alongside my language studies was Journalism. I looked up the best universities for that course over the country, and just like my Undergrad, decided to visit them all and weigh up the pros and cons. Choosing a university for Postgraduate studies doesn’t have to be harder than Undergraduate, after all, you should have more knowledge and experience about what you look for in a university now than ever!

If you’re a home student or wish to stay in Liverpool, your Undergraduate university gives discounts for those who decide to stay on for Postgraduate studies. This can help massively if the expense of a Master’s is worrying, and you can still get a student loan on top of that. Whilst it may be a little smaller than Undergrad, there are a lot of bursaries that you may be eligible for too, or failing that you have enough time to apply for a part-time job. Master’s degrees are less timetabled than Undergraduate, so are more flexible towards you. The extent of ‘free’ time depends on whether you choose a Taught or Research programme. The choice of progression is endless, and the experience you get alongside your studies are usually richer at Postgraduate level.

Post-pandemic, I think another year at university is more needed than ever to enlighten my social life and allow me to engage in activities that I was unable to do for a long time because of lockdown.

But if you don’t fancy the extra debt, and you’re sick of learning, that’s fine too. I tried out for many graduate schemes and job applications and decided after that I would prefer to stay on at university. It’s all about what is best for your path and your succession, and besides, the application form is always there if you decide to go back to school!