Top 5 festival survival tips

Summer is finally on it’s way and so festival season is right around the corner! Here are our top 5 summer festival survival tips!

The essential survival kit:

There are a number of essential items that every festival goer should pack in their bags including;

  • Wellies! festival mud can not be underestimated!
  • Waterproof poncho: British weather is likely to produce a downpour at some point in the weekend
  • Wet wipes: Save time queuing for the porta-loos by having a quick wash on the go
  • Portable phone charger: Your phone battery will run out, it is best to invest in a portable phone charger to keep your battery topped up (ideally solar powered)

Choose your camping spot carefully:

The location of your camping spot will have a huge effect on how your camping experience will be and so it is very important to get to the camp site as soon as possible. The best place to pitch your tent is generally away from any toilets, avoiding downward slopes, and somewhere you will remember!

Tip for camping with a group: When pitching multiple tents, ensure you have enough space and pitch your tents within a circle, with the entrance if each tent facing inwards towards the centre. If you have windbreakers, they are ideal on the outside of the circle to ensure that they tents are more secure and nobody is tempted to cut through your patch. Also you can sit in your tents and talk amongst each other if the rain is heavy.

Camping not for you? As an alternative indoor suggestion, you may prefer to stay at a budget accommodation such as a hostel. A hostel still allows you to meet new friends and people from all cultures while living in comfort. For an affordable hostel in Liverpool, you may want to consider Sleep Eat Love.

Plan a schedule & meetup points:

When going to a festival with a large group, it’s very likely that some of you will want to see different acts across the many stages on most festival sites. Planning where and when you are planning to meet up after a show is the ideal way to find each other quickly.

Plan for disaster:

Unfortunately things don’t always go to plan, which is why you should never bring anything to a festival that you are not prepared to lose! It is always best to plan for disaster by packing spare dry clothing as well as the following tips.

  • Spare support poles: Be sure to bring spare support poles for your tent! Tents do not offer much support, and so if a drunk person happens to fall through one the likely outcome is a broken tent and a miserable time for the owner.
  • Bring gaffa tape: If you aren’t too familiar with pitching a tent, bring a roll of gaffa tape for any repairs that you may need.

Stick to a budget:

It’s no secret that festival food and drink is far too expensive, but you cannot leave the camp site once you have arrived so proper budget planning is extremely important otherwise you run the risk of falling short or even racking up a huge bill on your card.

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