Top 5 reasons to live with Luxury Student Homes

Liverpool’s student population is one of the biggest in the UK, and with so many students comes bog standard ‘student digs’ your university will try and ship you into, however there is another option. We Luxury Student Homes, and provide incredible and affordable student homes for groups of up to 11 people. So why should you choose to live in one of our Luxury Student Homes? Here are the top 5 reasons why we provide the best service in Liverpool.

1: Prime locations:

All of our student houses in Liverpool are in prime locations across the city, meaning if you will have direct fantastic public transport links to the city centre as well as a home in friendly, safe areas where you will feel like home.

2: All bills included in rent:

At Luxury Student Homes, we understand that as a student you have enough on your plate with studying already, which is why we make sure all of your bills are included in your rent as one easy payment.

3: Broadband & entertainment:

Inside every one of our Luxury Student Homes, you will receive up to 60MBs internet connection with unlimited usage throughout the house as well as multiple entertainment systems and packages such as Virgin media entertainment package with Sky movies and Sports channels, a 50 inch high definition plasma television, DVD players and more.

4: Luxury furnishings and appliances:

All of our student homes are fully furnished with cool furniture and modern decor throughout as well as beautiful modern kitchens that enable you to cook your own meals. Inside our accommodation you will also find the essential appliances.

5: Award winning service:

We pride ourselves on our award winning service and always look after our tenants to ensure your experience with us is a pleasant one. Once you move in with us we will respond to your calls quickly and efficiently to follow up any issues or repairs that need to be resolved.

Our market leading service has been awarded best student and landlord service by the Your Move property awards for 2015, hopefully there will be many more to come!

Want to live in one of our Luxury Student Homes in Liverpool? Apply today and we will be in touch with you shortly. You can view our entire catalogue of Student houses here and filter results based on your group size.

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