Why residential is better than city centre accommodation

Reasons for choosing residential student accommodation over city centre

It’s far cheaper to stay in residential accommodation than in city centre properties. Staying in the city centre may mean you will be close to the action but as transport is easily accessible, the costly increase isn’t worthwhile.

City centre apartments are quite limited in terms of space. With a residential property you will have access to a larger accommodation with more rooms and storage space.

The community spirit is a big part of the student experience and certain residential areas have been developed with students in mind to provide them with opportunities to socialise with fellow students.

Parking in any city centre can be a nightmare in terms of finding guaranteed space, expensive fees and traffic congestion. You don’t have to worry about any of those issues when living in a residential property.

As a student, high-speed internet will no doubt be high on the list for your study and leisure requirements. Given the pressure on the infrastructure, particularly during peak hours, connections in city centres can be tediously slow especially when compared to residential areas.