Our favourite winter comfort food recipes for students

Anybody else get pelted with hail whilst walking down Smithdown last night? Just us?

Winter weather has definitely arrived, so we wanted to pull together some wallet-friendly winter warmer meals to tuck into once lectures are done. We asked the team here for their picks.

Perfect pea soup

Unbelievably cheap and easy-to-make, this pea soup was suggested by not one but two members of the team.

Veggie-packed pasta

Recommended by the pro-pasta crowd, this is a spicy, veggie-loaded meal. Cheap and easy-to-make, check out the one-pot recipe here.

Stodgy classics

This meat and potato pie can be made as one large pie or broken down into smaller pie tins to freeze for later. To make things super speedy, you can even use ready-roll pastry to pull this scrummy classic out of the bag of an evening. Here’s how.

Got work to do but still want to eat well? Set this beef stew and dumpling recipe to cook whilst you work on an essay nearby!

Veggie options

You can’t beat a lasagne for feeding the many and this recipe is easy-to-follow and inexpensive to pull together.

For a spicier veggie hit, this recipe from Cookie and Kate turns out the best enchiladas you’ve ever eaten. Trust us on this. They take a bit of prep time but they’re amaaaazing and totally worth the wait. Check out the recipe here and try them for your next movie night!

Come dine with me?

If you’re on the hunt for an ideal desert for chilly weather, apple crumble with hot custard is an instant winner recommended by one of our directors, Lee. Here’s an easy crumble recipe that you can turn around in less than an hour!

Make the dishes disappear

All of our properties come with plenty of cooking facilities, plus a dishwasher to make the cleanup super easy, so get stuck into these recipes and wow your housemates!

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