Everything’s included Liverpool Student Accommodation

If you’re looking for great student accommodation in Liverpool with easy to pay rent and everything included in one bill, help is at hand. At Luxury Student Homes, we’ve got everything covered, which means you just have to fire over one single payment each month without having to worry about anything else. From water and electricity to Sky TV and broadband, it’s all included in the sum you pay us, so why not enjoy the extra peace of mind offered to you by Luxury Student Homes?

There are many advantages attached to all-inclusive accommodation. Budgeting for monthly bills can be tough, especially when you’re a student and every pound needs to count. When everything’s included in one bill, you know exactly what you’re going to be paying each month, which means there are no nasty surprises or unexpectedly high charges to worry about. Only having to think about one single payment every month means knowing exactly how much you can afford to spend on everything else, from foods and textbooks to nights out and transport. You won’t even have to spend time splitting bills with your housemates or worry about chasing their shares up.

The fact that superfast broadband is included in your tenancy means you can download as much as you need to in the comfort of your own home, without having to fight for a computer on campus or being forced to head into town to print out important documents. When bills are included, you don’t need to spend time shopping around for fuel providers, internet service providers or anything else. Everything is ready and waiting for you to use when your tenancy starts, so you can go about your business without having to wait for things to be connected or set up for you. Perhaps you’re interested in adding sports and Sky Movies to your package – don’t worry, these also come as part of the price.

Choose Luxury Student Homes and you don’t have to worry about anything – all furniture is supplied as part of your rent, with the whole home being kitted out with high-quality facilities from top to bottom. You really do get more for your money when you choose Luxury Student Homes. We save you the stress of dealing with an array of companies by arranging everything on your behalf, leaving everything included in one bill. With no forms to fill in, no calls to make to suppliers and a host of exceptional facilities waiting for you, it makes perfect sense to choose Luxury Student Homes.

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