How to make living in shared student homes easy

Moving away from home and living in shared student homes or student accommodation can be a fantastic experience, however it can also be very challenging, especially if it’s your first time living on your own. At Luxury Student Homes, we know the struggles better than anyone, so here is a list of tips to make living in shared student homes & accommodation an easy and pleasant experience for everyone in the house

Make sure your student home is in a good location

Before you even move in, take time to make sure that the property is right for you. Ask yourself the following:

  • Is this property near my university? If not, what is the local public transport services like?
  • What is the local nightlife like? Are there bars and clubs nearby?
  • Which supermarkets are close? You’ll have to go shopping often, think about how far you are willing to trek with all of your shopping bags.
  • Is the property affordable? Remember to take into account all of your other bills and expenses that you will have such as food, transport and entertainment and calculate how much disposable income you’ll have.

Pick your housemates wisely

Naturally, your shared student home experience will vary massively depending on who you choose to live with. In the ideal situation all house mates are like minded and enjoy going out and partying at similar levels as everyone else. If you are more likely to enjoy your nights in with a film more than going out clubbing every night, you should avoid living with a house full of party animals and vice versa!

Tip: if you live with housemates who are studying the same degree, you have the same timetable when it comes to cracking down on exams and assignments as well as being able to celebrate at the same time.

Mark all of your personal belongings

From food to your personal belongings, items in your shared house may end up disappearing if you aren’t careful. By marking your name on your stuff you can deter any would be thieves and settle any arguments if you catch one of your housemates suddenly using your stuff.  Keeping anything valuable locked in your room is always advised.

Clean up after yourself!

One of the biggest causes of arguments in shared living space is when someone can’t clean up after themselves. There is nothing worse than having a huge pile of dirty plates in the sink that does not belong to you, but prevents you from getting any clean ones. This is one of the biggest causes of petty arguments between housemates of all ages and is so easily avoided with a few minutes of effort.

Tip: when it comes to meal times, try and get into the habit of cleaning dishes immediately after you finish eating. This will avoid any pileups that would take ages to clean.

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