Top tips for preparing for exams

Exam season is once again upon us unfortunately. Knowing how to properly mentally prepare for this incredibly stressful time can be crucial for achieving the mark you need and so here are some of our top tips for preparing for exams so you can be at your best!

Be on a proper sleep schedule:

Spending all night in the library and sleeping all day will not do you any good in the long run, with a proper sleep schedule, you can be up early more refreshed and so are more likely to retain information.

Set a revision timetable and stick to it!

Managing your time on the run up for exams is crucial, and so setting a revision timetable instead of cramming at the last minute will allow you to study each subject at a slower, more comfortable pace and therefore boosting performance. Naturally, many students have difficulty sticking to strict revision timetables due to distractions, try avoiding your mobile phone, listening to loud music and television. A great tip to achieve this is to change of scenery and revise in different locations if you can.

Get organised, use a diary

During exam season, you are more than likely to have multiple exams across a very short space of time, usually a week at most and so it is best to keep track of everything by putting it in a diary that you will see daily.

Keep calm & carry on

At this incredibly stressful time, one of the most important tips is to try to keep calm and go into the exam with the right frame of mind. There are a number of different ways this can be achieved is through mindfulness techniques and meditation that can help reduce stress and anxiety such as;

  • Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Regular Cardio Exercise
  • Positive mental attitude

Bonus tip: Do you own a dog? Your pets can help you let get of stress when you need it most but don’t let them be a distraction while preparing for your exams. Book them into a doggy daycare centre to keep them occupied and looked after while you study!

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